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Video Version of Digital Scholars Symposium


Introductory Remarks: Deb Carver, Dean of UO Libraries
Introduction of UO HASTAC Scholars: Andrew Bonamici, Associate UO Librarian
Keynote: “Modulated Subjects: MP3, Telephony, and the Imagined Auditor,” Jonathan Sterne



Digital Studies at UO
• Moderator: Kate Mondloch, Art History
• Allison Carruth, English
• Alisa Freedman, East Asian Languages and Literatures
• Colin Koopman, Philosophy
• Bish Sen, Journalism



Graduate Research in Digital Studies
• Moderator: Carol Stabile
• Ashley Gibson, Art History
• Bryce Peake, Anthropology
• Whitney Phillips, Folklore
• Staci Tucker, School of Journalism and Communications
• Mara Williams, School of Journalism and Communications



UO Digital Projects: Introduction by Don Harris, Vice Provost, Information Services
• Moderator: Douglas Blandy, Arts & Administration
ChinaVine: Doug Blandy and John Fenn, Arts & Administration
•  Open Access journals at UO: JQ Johnson, UO Libraries
Fembot: Carol Stabile, SOJC/English, and Karen Estlund, Digital Collections Coordinator, UO Libraries
Nolli Map of Rome/Giuseppe Vasi’s Rome: James Tice, Architecture, and Erik Steiner, InfoGraphics

(Owing to illness Massimo Lollini was unable to present on the Oregon Petrarch Open Book project. Instead, JQ Johnson discussed OPOB’s forthcoming  OA journal, Petrarch and Digital Humanism.)

Read a related UODS Symposium story in the Information Technology newsletter here: http://it.uoregon.edu/node/1518.

Many thanks to Lynnette Boone and Ward Biaggne of UO Libraries for their videography.


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