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Twitter mixdown 2 on webcast of congressional hearings on open access: Jen Howard

  1. Take two on the congressional hearings on public/open access to results of federally funded research. These are by Jen Howard (http://twitter.com/JenHoward), who has written about this in 2009  the Chronicle (http://chronicle.com/article/Congressional-Hearing-Over/1153)
  2. Notice that after the publishers testify, most of the subcommittee leaves–before the open access advocates speak (#15-14).
  3. Read from the bottom up (#22).
  4. [END}
  5. Lipman’s statement was brief but strongly argued that the NIH policy has been a success.
  6. Next up is David Lipman of NIH.
  7. Another interesting theme here: whether the general public is able to use specialized sci lit. 
  8. Sharon Terry of Genetic Alliance says we should be focusing on both.
  9. Good q from Clay: how is access to data diff from access to journal articles based on that data and should we be focusing more on data?
  10. Witnesses also making the point that publishers don’t pay for peer review.
  11. Chairman Clay asking if OA affects peer review. Roberts et al assuring him it does not.
  12. David Shulenberger of APLU now testifying in support of public access.
  13. Nobel laureate Richard Roberts makes case that access to sci lit is critical to progress in research.
  14. Most of the subcommittee isn’t here to hear these witnesses. I know this is common but it’s still odd to see.
  15. Next up is a panel of witnesses from the sciences.
  16. Is there a new IP protectionism at play here? I’m wondering. 
  17. Also hearing many fears about piracy and the world wanting to steal U.S. intellectual property. 
  18. [2/2] and the later published results of that research (eg journal articles).
  19. Most interesting theme so far is publishers’ attempt to distinguish between fed-funded research [1/2]
  20. Govt really needs to start allowing people to use laptops at congressional hearings.
  21. Democracy takes time.
  22. Waiting for House subcommittee hearing on public access to fed-funded research to begin.

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  1. […] of Twitter messages (tweets) about the webcast have been posted here and here. The emphasis is on the Panel II […]

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