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David Silver, Green Media Studies Talk 5/28 12-1:30

David Silver

Creating a Campus Farmstand:
the Landscape of Green Media Studies

Arts & Administration Friday Forum
12-1:30 pm 249 Lawrence Hall

David Silver is an associate professor of media studies and environmental studies at the University of San Francisco where he teaches classes on media history, digital media production, and green media. David co-directs USF’s Garden Project, a freshmen living learning community built around an organic garden on campus.

In 2007, USF students and professors transformed a derelict ROTC training site into the Garden Project, an organic garden. Now a flourishing testament to students’ dedication to growing food and community at USF, the 1/8 acre urban garden produces everything from apples to artichokes, and provides an inspiring space for students, staff, librarians, and faculty to experience and explore organic and sustainable gardening techniques. Beginning this year, each week Garden Project students harvest fresh produce from the garden and offer it through the campus farmstand in the middle of campus. Students also prepare homemade soups, salads, breads, and desserts featuring one or more ingredients from the garden.

In this Friday Forum, David Silver will share early experiences and observations about the Garden Project, the campus farmstand, and garden-based learning. http://silverinsf.blogspot.com/


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