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ATDH Summer Institute: Broadening Digital Humanities

Interested in “Broadening the Digital Humanities,”  a monthlong ODH Summer Institute at USC’s Center for Multimedia Literacy, and perhaps getting your project published by Vectors?

This institute for multimodal scholarship takes place July 19-August 12, 2010. Read the call for proposals here: http://vectorsjournal.org/pdf/NEH_CFP_Summer_2010.pdf.

They are “especially interested in collaborating with those who are working with video or with photography, sound, or other graphic elements.” This institute will fill up fast—there are 15 slots for participants, from senior faculty to graduate students. If your research fits their call, don’t delay applying. Priority consideration goes to applications received by March 24, 2010.

Kate Mondloch (UO Art History) worked with Vectors during 2005 as part of a postdoc at UC’s Humanities Research Institute, and her project “Not Just a Screen: Reflections on the Media Screen” was published in “Objects of Media Studies” (Vol. 2, Issue 1, 2006):   http://www.vectorsjournal.org/issues/3/objectOfMediaStudies/. About her Vectors experience,  Mondloch says, “It’s both extremely exciting and slightly unnerving to see one’s work presented in such a radically new way. (Keep in mind my project was in 2005!). We’re all so accustomed to seeing our work in print form and reading it in a linear fashion, but the Vectors team disregards these limiting conventions and explodes what “academic” publishing or intellectual production might be. As an art historian, I found it especially exciting to work on a project where artists/designers and academics were equal partners in conceiving the final product.”

IML has  special partnerships with the video collections of the Shoah Foundation, NYU’s Hemispheric Institute, the Internet Archive and Critical Commons. Scholars interested in working with these archives are particularly encouraged to apply.

During the institute, fellows will explore central issues in the digital humanities and in multimedia authorship, including database structures and information architectures, visualization and interactive design, and process-based collaborative research. Guest lecturers will include Liz Losh, Todd Presner, Noah Wardrip-Fruin, Sharon Daniel, Mike Goodchild, Richard Marciano, Diane Favro, and Anne Balsamo, among others.  Fellows will work in collaboration with world-class designers and technical support from Vectors, UC-HRI and IML during the residency and should complete a draft of their multimedia project during the course of the summer.

Applicants need not be proficient with new media authoring, but must demonstrate engagement with the potentials of digital media forms and clearly articulate their motivations for creating a digital project. Evidence of the capacity for successful collaboration and for scholarly innovation is required. Fellowship awards will include a stipend of $3,000 for each participant, as well as a travel and accommodation allowance of $1,500 for non-local participants. IML welcomes scholars from all career levels.

Proposals should include the following:
· Title of project and a one-sentence description.
· A 5-6 page description of the project concept, goals, and outcomes. This description should address questions of audience and innovative uses of interactivity, address, and form. Please also clearly state the project’s argument and its contribution to multimedia scholarship and, more generally, to contemporary scholarship in your field. This description must include an explanation of how a digital format is integral to the goals of the project.
· A description of the types of media you anticipate including in your project and a brief explanation of why they are significant to the project, including previously published work in any format related to the project. (This might include a list of video, sound or photographic assets, among other things.)
· Brief biography of each applicant, including relevant qualifications and experience for this fellowship. · 2-3 page CV for each applicant.
· Anticipated resources (design, technical, hardware, software, etc.)
· Projected timeline for project development.
· Sample media if available (URLs are preferred but media may be sent as e-mail attachments or via post if necessary).

Electronic applications are preferred. Please submit to usc.vectors@gmail.com.

Mailing address:
IML-Vectors Summer NEH Fellowships
Institute for Multimedia Literacy
746 W. Adams Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90089-7727

Questions may be directed to Tara McPherson tmcphers@usc.edu, Steve Anderson sfanders@usc.edu,
or David Theo Goldberg dgoldberg@hri.uci.edu

To view the original  ATDH  application, go to http://www.neh.gov/grants/guidelines/pdf/IATDH_USC.pdf


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