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UODS Work-in-Progress: Mondloch/Kivarkis 1/15/10

UO Digital Scholars Works-in-Progress, January 2010

Reflections on the Society of the Screen
Kate Mondloch, Assistant Professor of Art History

Kate Mondloch in the Collaboration Center

Jewelry Appropriating Jewelry: From Dutch Portraiture to the Internet Archive
Anya Kivarkis, Assistant Professor of Jewelry & Metalsmithing, Department of Art

Anya Kivarkis takes a question

Dr. Mondloch’s research is situated at the intersection of art history and film/media studies and focuses on the complex relationship between viewers and media screens in the art gallery and beyond. In an era in which our everyday lives are increasingly mediated by screen-based technologies of all kinds—what she calls our “society of the screen”—Dr. Mondloch proposes that it is imperative to understand the nature of viewing media works made with these technological interfaces, along with their important subjective effects. Dr. Mondloch will present aspects of her recent book, Screens: Viewing Media Installation Art (University of Minnesota Press, 2010), and introduce her current research project on contemporary new media art and feminist theory.

Question from the audience: Carol Stabile, CSWS

Professor Kivarkis’ studio based work appropriates jewelry from image archives. The sources of the work move through history and examine material culture in moments of Imperialism, including the Victorian, the Baroque and our contemporary period. Kivarkis recreates pieces of jewelry from both, reproduced images of historical works and the ever-changing Internet archive. Mediated by the image and the screen, they are recreations of the past and present that retain and exemplify the ambiguity of their origins. Ultimately, the work is an incomplete archive generated out of the inaccessibility of the ‘original’, fragmented views, pixel distortions and blurry reproductions.

Mondloch & Kivarkis after their talks


One Response

  1. Great photos Robert, I especially thought the first one of Kate was really fun with the red in the background and the screen within a screen! Very apropos (?)!

    Excellent session and looking forward to the February 26th one.

    Robert V-M

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